When Locklyn was a little girl she would stand on the coffee table in her living room and sing her heart out. At age 12, she took her first steps towards achieving her musical dreams by performing at local establishments such as The Rivoli and Al Green Theatre. Musically, Locklyn draws influence from artists such as Drake, Beyonce, Chris Brown, and Miguel, but Locklyn’s true inspiration comes from her parents.
The constant hard work, independence and dedication shown by her mother taught her that anything is possible. Locklyn lost her father at age 15 , which gave her an appreciation for how short life can be. Locklyn is determined to make every second count and pursue her dream of being on stage in front of a huge crowd, while hearing them sing her songs back to her.
According to Locklyn, “I’ve always felt like I’ve grown up fast and therefore was never really understood by the majority of the people in my life. I feel like having people understand my music will be one way of having them understand who I am.”
Her debut single “I Don’t Wanna” reached number 23 on the Canadian iTunes charts.
On October 1, 2018, Locklyn released her second single, “Sides”, which takes a harsh look at the reality of the violence that has been plaguing many cities around the world including Locklyn’s hometown of Toronto.
Produced by Trust Chen Pow, who recently co- wrote and produced “Feel Like Its My Moment”, the tennis themed anthem with Ann Kaplan of The Real Housewives of Toronto, and featuring background vocals from renowned vocal coach Lorraine Lawson (CTV’s The Launch), “Sides” garnered airplay on many CHR stations across Canada, and achieved charting status on several Quebec stations.
Locklyn’s EP REL8TE was released in February. The new single from this release, Runawa9, featuring Ausso, is hitting all platforms now.


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